Great effort

You must applaud the Mid Essex Budgerigar Society for there efforts in making there forthcoming show a success. James Folly has been posting numerous posts on the The Exhibition Budgerigar forum  reminding people of the forthcoming event. The committee should be applauded for there efforts.

Timely reminder

Visiting the EBF forum most nights you soon find James posts promoting the forthcoming show. As it turns out is was timely reminder for l had not brought any raffle tickets. There are a range of super prizes, the instruction were easy to follow and my raffle tickets were paid for using PayPal. The society had even planned for people who do not have a PayPal account. A form download for purchasing raffle tickets is available which you can post along with you payment.


There has been a great deal of talk on the forum about publicising the hobby this is a must if the hobby is to survive. Unfortunately in today’s world people do not seem to want to wait for anything. There has been some great comments on this subject and unfortunately they seem to be true. Property’s being built now lack large gardens and the new houses seem to be built very close together.

It happen on our road, four council houses were demolished and in there place we ended up with 8 smaller dwellings.


For me l try to support local events but it proves differcult when working long hours. I love the hobby and most of my spare time is taken up looking after my birds. Maybe l need to get more organised, but for me l am trying to promote this hobby through my website.

If you have not brought your raffle tickets yet there is still time. Remember this proverb ” you have to be in it to win it”


Well l was in it but there no prizes winging there way to me. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all that entered birds. From all the reports on the EBF the show was a great success.


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