Considering Security for your birds

Additional security has been on my mind for while but recent events speeded up the upgrade. When some moron decided to smash both my wing mirror on my car. And this is not the first time the mirrors have been broken but it is now my mission is to catch the culprits.

Our  German Shepherd keeps a watchful eye on the birds and lets you know if the cats come visiting. You read of others in the hobby having unwelcome visitors, my birds are precious to me and a work in progress.

Decision made

Decision made so after researching the subject my Wireless IP camera kit was ordered on Thursday and delivered on Sunday. Two camera now cover all the front entrances to the property and the picture quality is excellent. When the other two cameras are in place the property will be covered completely. The infra red night vision is really sharp and the motion detection gives longer recording times,but with a internal 1 TB hard drive recording may go to 24 hour recording.

Phone App downloaded

The system is supposed to be easy to install and on the whole is has been. But not until l had purchased a HDMI cable to fit into the television. A download for viewing the cameras has been installed on my phone but as of yet l have not managed to connect to my cameras. The instruction booklet is far to small for me to read even with my new glasses. I have downloaded the user manual and will attempt to get the remote viewing connected.




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