Best in Show

Alex and David Woan turn out tremendous birds year on year and this years Best in Show was not a disappointment. Last year it was beautiful large normal grey this year a Green Spangle. After my birds had been received in it was not long before. Gary a stalwart of the BBS and also a beginner like myself asked if l had seen the best in show.

Strange l thought it was only 9.00 am and the judging had not even started. Surveying the champion bird section even l was able to pick out the bird Gary was talking about. Do not think this was a one bird show there were plenty of really good birds.


Stewarding is a must for anyone just starting in the hobby. Geoff Corser’s experience and knowledge made the judging of the birds look easy. The birds were quickly sorted into order and then before he writes the positions the birds are given a final check.

Talking to like minded people

Part of the enjoyment at these shows is meeting like minded people. Conversation are often struck up over cuppa, and knowledge if shared freely. You learn so much from talking to people who have been hobby far longer than myself. The tips gain from talking to experience breeder is sometimes overwhelming.

The frames looked great

Creating interest is important and my media company did a deal with one of our new customers. The winners of each section won a engraved frame.  Sue designed the frame layout and Steve of SG Engravers captured the detail on the frames. Bruce Greenway presented the frames to the section winners. Photographs taken on the day are to be posted out to the winners to commemorate there 2016 wins.

Alex and David Woan collected there Best in Show, Any Age and Young Bird section winning frames.

A tip shared

For beginner reading this, here is a tip given to me by Dave Roberts a true gentlemen. Breeding budgies for 60 years l only wished l had longer to talk to Dave. On the morning of the show take down to your birdroom a suitable container filled with very hot water suitable to able to dip the wing. Remove the surplus water and repeat until both wings have been dipped. Then dip the tail and run the tail feathers through you fingers. You should see that any feather out of place will back in place and the tail will be straight and in line.

What about my birds

Birmingham BS is my local club and 7 out 8 of my birds entered made the show. Only my Lutino hen did not make the show as she had not been prepared well enough.

This show really brought home my birds are not good enough with no section wins. At risk of repeating myself you must put your birds up against your peers. It is early days for me, but l want stand develop my stud by breeding my own bred birds. Unfortunately there will be a big sort out within the next few weeks and the lesser birds will be sold on.

This is the part of the hobby l don’t like but l have to make room as overcrowding only causes more problems. There are a few 2016 birds  to go but most will be allowed to develop and reviewed later in the year.



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