Opaline hen Best in Section at the Notts & Derby Open show 2016
Skyblue hen with good spots and width of head 2016
Yellow Faced Hen born 2016

Notts & Derby Open Show

On the last day of July  2016 the Notts & Derby open show took place at the Rushcliffe Leisure Centre. Meaning a early start for me to get the birds booked in. It was a wonderful bright morning and the weather could not have been better.

With plenty of good birds at the show, it would be good experience for me to see how my birds hold up against other beginners birds..

My Light Green

My best Light Green bred in 2015 came second to the Best Beginner’s bird in class 601, the difference was quite noticeable.

One bird that did get my attention was a Albino any age cock it was massive a bird with a broad head. What it told me was my Albino’s need more work but l already new that.  Plans are already made for my Albino’s time will tell.

My Opaline Green Hen gained a yellow spot and won best in section, this is two yellow spots in two shows.

As beginner’s we make mistakes this time a lutino hen in class 724 came last.  You can expect nothing more when you catch the bird from the fight without checking the bird over, that’s how not to prepare for a show.

When home on closer inspection it had only one tail feather and a blood stain on the back of her neck.

 It is really nice to catch up with friends and fanciers. For me my preference is to blend into the background and just observe.

It seems there are always a core of members that go beyond at these shows. And if it was not for them our choice of shows would be very limited.

No Stewarding this week

No stewarding this week as l had arranged to meet my sister who live only a short distance from the show venue.

Any beginner would be advised to enter some birds at a local show. By letting a experience judge look at your birds we beginners tend not to recognise our birds faults. Judges are approachable and if you ask they will explain there decisions. But remember let the judging finish there duties first otherwise you maybe in trouble.

Sam Wildes won Best In Show

Sam Wildes won Best in Show and it was nice to have chat with Sam, who also had a stall in the show hall. Just talking about his products and his birds entered gave me valuable information and more knowledge.

Sam explained judges work to a standard but the bird must be in excellent condition but it may not be the largest bird. The finer details beginners fail to spot, that maybe unfair, but it’s something for me is differcult to recognise but in time it will come.

Thanks for a good day

To finish off it was a most enjoyable day and l would like to thank the Notts & Derby society for hosting a great event.

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