Leicestershire BS Open Show

That was a brilliant day at the Leicestershire BS open show at the Markfield community centre. Organised and from what l observed everyone was pulling together to make this a success. This was my first show of the season and it was great to have my bird on show mainly any age but all own bred.

We can all think we have world beaters but when you see your birds. Up against other in your section you realise soon realise you have along way to go. One reason for showing you letting a experience judge judge your birds but it also supports your local clubs. There can be no doubt in there judgement, but your birds maybe out of condition so you may have to give them another chance.

Meeting up with friends

It was nice to catch up with people l have not spoken to since leaving the hobby in 2001, but meeting people who l have only added to there posts on the EBF forum was really nice especially Mr Chase. We have very similar views and rivalry is friendly and it’s good to share experiences.


What an experience and l would advise anyone just starting in the hobby to get involved with there local shows. Mick Freakley asked if l would like to steward and it was brilliant. Although it was only a minor role it was really good to stand behind the judge as they judged there sections. From my experience they are not gods but ordinary people who love for the hobby.

Our Judge

Our judge was Janice Al-Nasser with Sue Clarke as senior steward, we where brilliant retrievers fetching the birds to the judging area. Janice thanked us al after the judging had ended and l thought that was nice. After l had along chat with Sue who answered loads of questions on Lutino’s.

It was a long day but enjoyable unfortunately l did not take any photo’s but if you visit the EBF forum you can see Mick’s photo’s and report, oh l nearly forgot l won the seed raffle so happy days.






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