Last Minute Decision

It was a last minute decision to enter the Leicestershire B.S open show.  The telephone entry was made before the Monday 22.00pm deadline.

Eight birds entered in any age sections all owner bred and the other three birds in the young bird section.

People have differing opinions on when to start breeding and after a poor start through losing a few birds for no apparent reason set me back.

it’s easy to blame the fireworks or the unpredictable weather.

Showing Birds

Showing birds is not my favourite part of the hobby, for me developing the birds gives me more enjoyment.

To confirm how far my birds have developed the birds need be entered in some birds shows.

The judges are far more experience and it costs nothing to ask for there views after the judging has finished.

Thanks to Mike Chase a member of the EBF l have had a few pointers on show preparation, that’s not completely true, we have a little challenge going and thanks to Mike l got of my backside and have been preparing my birds earlier and better than last year.

De Spotting

Being a beginner de spotting is always a challenge but you have to try, no doubt l have made a few mistakes but it’s a learning curve.

Holding the birds is no problem it’s catching those vicious hens in the holding cage that presents the problem.

Having all my fingers and as there is no blood l have survived and the training will continue.

Typical when checking the birds tonight before lights out, there seemed to a really nice tail feather, don’t you just love showing budgerigars.




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