It’s been a while since l have posted on my website, working late prevented me from attending the latest Birmingham BS meeting typical l had even prepared a few birds for the 2nd Nest feather show. From what l have be told there was a few parking problems due to a clash of events and as a result the Birmingham Budgerigar Society meetings are now to be held on the second Thursday’s of the month with the next meeting on the 9th June.

Check the BBS website for further details http://www.birminghambudgerigarsociety.co.uk/

The Warwickshire BS monthly meeting Alex Woan gave very nice slideshow presentation of there setup and birds and it was very noticeable how Alex and David’s birds have developed over the years and it is a credit to themselves for being so successful for so many years at last years Birmingham’s BS open show the Best in Show was immaculately prepared bird a credit to the Woan partnership.

As for my breeding season it has been challenging to say the least l have lost a few bird for no apparent reason, a own bred 2015 lutino hen died of a prolapse uterus something l have only experience once before when l last in the hobby both hens died so let hope it’s number of years before it happens again. The first egg laid by the lutino hen has turned out to be fertile is under my best foster pair who has failed to produce any fertile eggs and was about to be broken up but before the fostered chick had been removed she began laying again.

Yes you have guess it on the third time of trying we now have fertile eggs and the first two eggs have hatched so let’s hope it ends well and l get some young from this pair. It is the first time l have all my 8 breeding pairs producing full eggs so after a slow start my breeding season going to end on a high.

The late bred birds will be given time to develop before l decide on my stock for next year, there are few birds which will go to a couple of this seasons local shows. My birds diet has been altered with a few new ingredients being added to makes for a more balance diet well that my opinion, when time allows l will post a more detailed article of the ingredients.

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