Nothing should be taken for granted when breeding livestock or in this case budgerigars my most productive pair from the the first round has had real trouble in hatching the 7 fertile eggs. the first two eggs hatched have been fostered out as it seemed the hen chose to not give the chicks there first feed. The second chick has since died due to being squashed in the foster nest.

This leaves one chick at present rung and developing nicely the next 3 have become addled and l think l know why and l will explain my thinking later, number 6 was heard chirping but did not hatch and suspect the shell was to thick which l suspect was the problem with eggs three four and five.

The last remaining egg has been transferred to my foster pair as soon as l hear the chick chirping in the egg on it’s due date l will help the chick by cracking the shell a little. It really saddens me that if l had took this action on the sixth egg l may had another chick instead of a Dead in Shell.

So what action am l going to reduce the shell thickness?

I have been thinking is it a isolated incident or have l caused the problem by giving to many supplements so firstly l will  reduce my water supplement to only twice a week. By taking this action it’s hoped my future pairing will not have the same problem.

It is so important and record when a egg was laid so you can then be alert on the due date and take the appropriate action whether it;s just giving the check a little help to break out of the shell or just checking whether the hen has given the chick it’s first feed.

Livestock breeding maybe a exact science for the commercial breeder but for me it understanding the problems and taking the appropriate action give my birds every chance.


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