If you get to know your birds then you have a greater chance of succeeding when you start breeding, try to keep you routine the same throughout the year. Being observant will always pay off and for me l am always watching the birds every time l am in the birdroom or in the back yard.

It is sometime just a quick glance across and something will catch your attention, overtime all these little picture help you build a better understanding of your birds it is differcult to put into words it may only just me perceiving thing or my sixth sense.

l have a foster pair who are proofing invaluable for without them l would have lost some fertile eggs and chicks. I have a maiden pair 2015 rung who trashed a few eggs, the problem was solved by removing the eggs as they were laid and placing the eggs under the foster pair.

The problem pair are now sitting four plastic eggs three of the four are fertile and have yet to hatch but that’s not my only problem another pair produced five birds from the first round now have seven fertile eggs. This pair prove perfect parents and raised three chick and the other two were fostered out.

The first two chicks have hatched but on both occasions the chicks when checked seemed to cold to the touch and a little distance from the eggs that the hen was sitting. Removed immediately the chicks were placed in the foster parents box and sure enough on checking the chicks were warm and fed. I cannot explain what’s going off as the hen is sitting the eggs perfectly, or is it me being over protective which ever way a close eye will be kept on the remaining eggs, through my actions l have another two chicks alive at the moment.


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