It is always a tricky time when to remove a chick from the nestbox, to soon and the chicks development may be affected and that is the dilemma l have found myself in a couple times. The Lutino pairing always seems to be a problem when it come to the breeding season.

From the first round we have once again two chicks despite laying six eggs, in my previous post l mention the hen either failed to feed the first born, the second chick was fostered out and then the hen decided to feed the third chick the remaining eggs were all clear. The only chick with this pair seemed reluctant to leave the nestbox and despite being fully feathered it quite content to stay put..

At last the chick has left the nestbox and not before time and not before the hen has laid it’s third egg of the second round,when a chick remains in the nestbox the eggs seem to get soiled and booted about the box by the chick.which normally results infertile eggs.

So we now have the chick in the bottom of the cage and we have a chick hide just in case the cock takes a dislike to the youngster. Reading the notes from last year the cock showed signs of being jealous with his off spring, so lets see if he has mellowed oh and the chick is a hen.

Leaving only one chick with the parents to raise is something l don’t like doing. it’s going against the advice given to me from someone who had far more experience than me “keep them hens busy”.it will stop feather plucking through boredom.


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