All best laid plans do not always go to plan and to say l am a little disappointed with my first round numbers to date l have rung ten birds from the first round, six hatched but were either not fed or squashed. One pair decided to thrash the eggs so they are now back in the flight and the main suspect seems to be the cock.

I have two cages empty empty and another two cages nearly completed after my birdroom redesigned but l will not be using these cages until my new junior flight is completed which will be above the new cages. These cages are larger than than my other cages and will be used to house my surplus stock later in the year.

The first rung of 2016 from a pairing of Lutino hen to Light green split ino has turned out to be yellow faced albino so the promise of my first rung being a Lutino was a little disappointing. There are some promising birds from another pairing but my opinion can only be confirmed if l decide to show the birds. I have decided to take a couple to the Birmingham BS first nest feather show and l find it a very simple way to test my judgement unfortunately the birds could do with another couple weeks to develop but let just see if other recognise the promise l see.

For the second nest feather show l will have couple of Lutino’s ready the only Albino from the first round is a hen a little small at present but a really stylish bird the only problem is was feather plucked, the strange thing is the hen only plucked this chick so what is puzzling me was it because it was a hen or because it was a albino. As a result the bird has a bare patch along its back, the feathers are starting to regrow and l have treated the area with ivermectin just in case.

Unfortunately a pair that l had hope to produce some chicks has failed to produce a single chick but have proved to be super foster parents so all is not lost. The last chick to leave this pair is a Lutino the chick was put in the nestbox for fostering after the Lutino failed to feed the first chick hatched so once the second chick was hatched l transferred the chick to the foster pair the bird is not perching yet but the cock is trying to encourage the youngster to eat seed. I have not observed the chick eating seed but it must be but the foster cock is feeding the chick.

This morning it was nice to see the foster cock was lying with the fully feathered chick, the chick will soon be moved to youngster cage





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