We should know it is important to carry out daily checks of your birds and it is quite surprising how you soon notice if something is wrong. Normally just quick visual check is all that’s needed but a slight difference is often recognised so what do l look for, mucky vents birds not standing or perching correctly.

Fluffed up or wagging tail are good indicators that something is wrong but it could be a bird perching differently that gets my attention. Today there was nothing obvious but something was not right with a young bird who seemed to be reluctant to perch often sitting on the chick hide. Sure enough on inspection of the birds feet it was soon apparent the bird needed a little help the ring moved freely but other foot a couple of the toes and the ball of the foot was heavily soiled, it was hard and not easily removed.

Soaking the foot in warm water with a little disinfectant helped to soften the harden mass and l was able to take away the offending problem then drying the foot the bird was put back in the cage and was soon seen perching.

The daily checking of the birds through winter months on a working day was a problem for me as it was dark by the time l arrived home so some new LED’s have been add and switch off at 10.15pm proving a great success keeping the birds more active and allowing me to carry out my checks without having to use a torch..

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