For me this is a nervous time when your chicks start to leave the nestbox as you here all sorts of horrendous tales regarding the parents attacking chicks. Nervous may be the wrong word but l will on high alert for any signs of rejection or conflict although l have experience of such attacks it’s not the norm and l will always keep a close watch on the birds but its not possible when you are out at all work day. As the chicks develop in the nestbox it’s as exciting as it get and the suspense of waiting to determine what colour the chicks although we should have a good idea from the parents there always a surprise something you was not expecting, a throw back from the parents family lines.

Once the chick starts to perch and l have observed the bird eating seed l will more the bird to the nursery flight for socialization and there development is monitored.

Arriving home I tend to collect a coffee and carry out my first inspection of my breeding pairs often topping up the softfood up with what was left from the night before then its back indoors to make a fuss of the everyone in the household which includes the dog, parrots and then it a quick catchup with Sue on the days events if any business requires my attention then it’s quickly done.

I have limited heating in the shed but it has to really cold before the heating is switch on so l get wrapped on my second visit to the shed more detailed inspections of the birds, topping up the seed and refilling the softfood with fresh new mix. I like to handle the chicks just to get them use to humans if l manage to handle them correctly then young hens are a little disappointed the don’t get there chance to give me a good welcome nip.

At the moment l am in the process of altering the birdroom to make room for my new nursery flight, l had thought of building a mobile flight but decided against that option due to the size of my birdroom.

Sometime l do think l will never get my birdroom finished as there is never enough time in the day or maybe l get distracted. It would have been better to have finished the birdroom first but that’s not my way so the struggle goes on.




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