My birds don’t like there vegetables to finely chopped through the food processor. Sue sometime puts all the vegetable peelings from the brussels, carrots and stalks of the broccoli through the food processor then into a container and then its frozen. It’s handy when l arrive home late from work but l prefer to chop my vegetables up by hand mainly because it saves getting a lecture for not cleaning the processor correctly Sue’s clean and my clean are definitely different anything for a easy life.

I have found the birds prefer the vegetables to be a little coarser then the other items are added  such as orlux softfood, quaker oats and seaweed  and we must not forget the sweetcorn. Now my bird are breeding the softfood mix is devoured and l tend to give the cages a top up just before the lights go out, this will then be topped up when l get home from work.

Aviform is added to the water and a calcium supplement is added twice a week and it works for my birds and there is no indication that it does not suit the birds. Of the first round only 2 pair out of 8 pairs have produced clear eggs but l have used them as foster parents. Let’s see if we can get 100% success in the second round but l feel this maybe pushing my luck.

I have one hen that does not seem to want to feed a newborn chicks and on checking my records this seemed to be the case last year, the first chick died but removed the second chick and it has been fed and is doing fine. Last year l returned the chicks once they had survived the first day. This time l will not be returning the chicks but l try to encourage the hen to start feeding the chick in the next round but l will be keeping a watchful eye on the hen.





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