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“Here today and gone tomorrow” is a song written by Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner but for me one day there’s a egg in the nestbox then checking next day the egg disappeared no sign whatsoever. I know the X Files are making a comeback but its nothing others in the hobby have not encountered before.

So who’s the culprit at the moment l don’t know the pair bonded in the flight and l will be keeping a close eye on this pair. The second egg has now been laid when checking this evening the egg felt warm so someone has been sitting on the egg. I will add a plastic egg to the box later tonight before the lights go out. Should the second egg disappears then a mustard egg maybe making a appearance to teach the fiend a lesson.

This afternoon there was all another surprise which l could have done without when checking on my first born of 2016 which just happens to be a Lutino, a variety l am trying to develop, my face must have been a picture when l checked  the box and there was no chick..The chick is not fully feathered and only hatched on the 26th December 2015 but some how it had left the nestbox. How it managed to get out is beyond me for it could not reach the bob hole. Here’s me thinking the worse on searching the cage our little nomad was found alive and well in the corner of the cage. His crop was empty but on checking a few hours later after l had put him back in the nestbox the crop is now full.

Called Nomad

Lutino chick

The chick has now earned the nickname “Nomad”

Tomorrow is another day and we will see what challenges present themselves there are no guarantees when you are dealing with livestock. All we can do is learn and do not make the same mistakes again. My advice is create a routine that works for you and your birds. Spend as much time with your birds as possible and you will be rewarded, don’t change for the sake of it.

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