The first chicks of 2016 have been rung and are progressing nicely, it is a little disappointing one nestbox only has 1 chick but the Lutino chick is growing nicely. This hen seems to be reluctant to leave the nestbox once she starts laying, it’s a problem for me to lock the hen out, but when the next round starts the hen will be locked out when l get home from work or l may decide to remove the eggs as she lays them hopefully this will result in more chicks.

We have two more chick rung one being a albino from one of my own bred hens paired to a grey spangle spilt / ino the second chick has black eyes, both are growing nicely.  It’s a waiting game now for the next batch fertile eggs to start hatching, l only have one pair producing clear eggs at the moment but l will give the pair a few chicks to raise up so l can evaluate the birds parenting skills and encourage them to be more productive in the next round.

I have been waiting for one of my maiden hen to start laying and it was not to the other night l noticed a egg on the cage floor, it was hard to see for there was no shell on the egg just a thin skin we can only hope the next egg is normal. A calcium supplement is added to the water and the next egg is due tomorrow so we will see . The hen is a nice opaline light green which is paired to a grey green normal neither have been used before but both are good birds.

As l have said in previous articles it is frustrating not having more breeding cages for there are birds in my flight that are ready to be paired up, so the bird paired up must perform or they will soon find themselves back in the flight.

With the Budgerigar Society giving it’s member the choice of either plastic or metal closed rings l have chosen plastic mainly because l find it differcult to read the ring numbers on the metal rings.


The hen that laid the soft shell egg has now laid her second egg and has a normal shell so it remains to see if we have  a fertile egg. It is quite amazing how some birds will leave the nestbox with just a few taps while others refuse to leave the box without much more encouragement.

Something else l have notice is the nest with 2 chicks the albino chick has slight signs of being feather plucked but the younger chick has no signs. Time to introduce some small piece of millet into the boxes to encourage the chicks to eat and alleviate any boredom.

Both chicks are growing nicely and the normal grey chick has now overtaken the first chick in size and shows no sign of being feather plucked unlike the albino chick who is almost fully feathered both chicks are hens so that’s a bonus.





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