Albino Barheads 2015These two brother are not the best examples of Albino you will every see but are developing nicely. The birds have length but lack back scull,a fault l hope to correct through selecting the right partners. The brother certainly cause the bird to be active with there antics and for that reason l have nicknamed them the Mafia twins.

The caption could be

so what’s next bro“.

These two birds are only eight months old and as have been given time to develop but l do intend to use these birds despite there limitations and l have a couple of light blue spangle hens that may complement there faults..

This is a on going project which l want to develop while l am serving my apprenticeship success will be by hard work and not brought. Yes l have my own opinions on how this can be achieved and if needed l will buy out crosses.

The local clubs are a wealth of knowledge and the people attending these meeting are always willing to give you advice if you ask but you must be careful and keep to regime that suits your lifestyle. My birds are settled with my routine and l provide the best l can afford so hopefully 2016 will allow me to make progress no matter how small

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