Since coming back into the hobby l asked myself “ have you made any mistakes” and the answer is definitely yes, in this hobby you can not rush things but l tried. Buying birds without joining any of the local clubs proved costly for me as l thought l knew best because as l had been in the hobby before.

Rushing to restock was a mistake and on one occasion l brought twelve birds from this guy who was ceasing with budgerigar to concentrate on his pigeons with the exception of three birds the bird would be best described as pet shop standard. They served a purpose and made plenty of noise but the birds have all gone now, not sold but given to someone who just wanted a few birds to start a aviary.

Joining the local clubs has help immensely and my stud has some nice birds for a beginner, they are better than last years stock and l will be using my own bred hens this year. Certain qualities are missing such as depth of mask and size but it is coming slow and sure. I am short of a few varieties which would develop my stud but l am reluctant to purchase any out-crosses until see what this year breeding season brings.

My percentage last year was average but l only lost two youngster once they had reached the nursery flight and l blame myself for not acting quickly enough to given them a little help. It was about at the end of there breeding cycle for the parents and l think l moved the youngster a little to early.

The building blocks are in place but there is so much to do it;s down to me to keep moving forward, it is so surprising how much time is takes l sometimes feel l will never complete my birdroom build for there always seems to be something l want to alter.



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