The first meeting of 2016 for Birmingham BS had a guest speaker namely Trevor Terheege, who presented a very informative talk on the budgerigar hobby. Supported with a well edited slide show Trevor gave the members his own personal view on how far the development of the budgerigar has come since there first being introduced into the UK in1840.

Slides showing how far the budgerigar has developed since 1840 was interesting and Trevor’s views are shared by many in the hobby that we may be going to far. The topic of breeding long flighted birds into today birds may a step to far and Trevor aired his own opinion on this topic and for myself l agreed with him.

Trevor spoke of how the two previous breeding seasons had been really hard and very disappointing but there is light at the end of the tunnel with this year being totally different having already rung 40 chicks as of the 11th January. Listening to Trevor you can appreciate his knowledge and what the TA1 stud are trying to develop, supported by a number images of good birds produced by the TA1 stud you can understand that once you have achieved being a champion you have to work hard to keep producing quality birds year after year.

I feel sure Trevor could have spoken for longer but time was our enemy, it was nice to hear the views of Trevor and it was well worth the effort of coming to the meeting.

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