Well that did not take long for the Lutino hen to made a beeline for the nestbox, the cock and hen seem to have bonded and there plenty of chatter in the cage and they have only been in the cage since the weekend of the (15th Dec). The cock is one of the a birds gifted to me from Bruce Greenway for some work l did on Bruce’s laptop as a friend and it was a pleasure to help sort out the problem, enough waffle back to the birds.

The cock is split ino so it could be very useful in developing my ino lines not a show winner but coming from a champion stud it has qualities my birds do not have. As with all the folks l have met in this hobby not matter what status they show at, the help is always offered if required but due to work l don’t have much free time,

Most night’s l visit the EBF and read the postings, it nice for people to share there knowledge and experiences with fellow forum members, this website is my way of trying to give something back to the hobby. The excitement of starting to build my own family lines is just part of the hobby, waiting for the birds you have chosen to pair up is also a test of your ability on how well you know your birds and when they start laying things are starting to get better the question is are the eggs going to be full or clear nothing different to everyone else in the hobby.

Only positive thought’s at this stud so it going to be a better breeding season and more chicks on the perches


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