There come a time when you must admit the years are catching up with you and it is certainly time to have my eyes tested again. The lighting in the shed is good but l do struggle to distinguish the sex of some of the varieties especially with the ino’s varieties,

With my overtime commitment now fulfilled it’s time to sort the birds out for breeding so some thought has to be given what are my aims for this forthcoming season. The albino’s are developing nicely but l afraid a few will be sold soon as they are not going to be used and room will have to be made for this seasons young.

There is plenty on noise and the young cocks are thinking they are invincible how little do they know so all looks well, l am thinking of altering my nestboxes slightly and l would like to try out a couple of plastic boxes but l will give that some more thought and may wait until later in the year. With the weather being so mild everything seems to be confused for l have noticed buds forming already on the bushes in the back garden.

The pairings so far are

  1. Grey Spangle/ split ino cock     to a      Albino hen
  2. Light Green Norm/ ino cock      to a      Lutino hen
  3. YF Blue cock                               to a      Cinnamon Light Green hen

More pairs will be added this weekend so all is well lets hope we have a good start to the 2016 breeding season.

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