This is the time some people look forward to Christmas but for me it really frustrating for its dark when l leave for work and its dark when l go home. My setup is small and my birdroom is smaller than l would like.

The birds stay out at night but for a few mainly the youngsters, the old wine rack purchased from the charity shop seems a popular roosting place. Having a outside flight may not be the best thing for producing show budgies but it has good shelter from the elements and watching the birds in the summer really gives me thrill ( I am easily pleased ).

Breeding birds is something totally different from my other jobs, for l work as a maintenance engineer and have been developing a website business with my partner Sue which takes a great deal of time. The birds are my release but this time of year with the darker nights l only have time to study my birds at the weekend, but having volunteered to work the last four Saturdays that has been limiting me to Sundays weather permitting.

The birds were giving it the route it toot on Sunday morning and it was a relief to see, l was beginning to think the birds will never be ready for breeding, but this weekend l will be pairing my first four pairs up. It’s nice to have my own bred hens ready this will be my first breeding season using some of my own bred birds.

Last season was my first on the show bench and was used to gauged my birds highlighting my short comings and from what l have read l must focus on developing my birds in one area. The birds bred in 2015 are developing nicely but are not good enough but with the few birds l have brought in it’s hoped the offspring will enhance the stud. Again l will be late starting my breeding season but it can’t be helped.

While writing this article l can not help thinking is it going to be elation or frustration during this breeding season, clear eggs or full, only time will tell the one thing for sure my birds will get the best l can afford without over complicating or over dosing them on additives.

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