It is time to promote the last few birds from the junior flight and my layout is not the best and space is at premium. The junior flight was about 4ft long by 30 inches deep and about 3 foot high along side the main inner flight which is approximately 5ft long with access to the outdoor flight.

It was quite amusing watching the young birds fly the 4ft and expect to land on the wire partition but now the partition which is  hinged at the top is now tied to the roof section they have to fly a little further to reach the other end of the amalgamated flights. Now they have access to the outdoor flight the young birds fitness should increase as well more muscle.

Leaving this amalgamated flight configuration will require me to make a a new junior flight very similar in size with just a few alterations to the birdroom.

PlanThe young birds now have the freedom to go to the outside flight and it quite amusing to watch them trying to master landing on the rotating swing. Increasing the flight distances seems to be putting them through there paces even with the strong winds they a managing really well. The noise level has definitely increase and they are exploring much to the annoyance of the older birds.

Lets see how many decide go in tonight to the inner flights.


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