“Do not get complacent about your birds” let me explain that statement, since coming back from the BS Doncaster show my birds have been put back in the flight. The birds are still developing and coming through the moult and the pin feathers seem to be less.
In my eyes the birds are better than last years birds so here me thinking l have something special yes they maybe but you soon come down to earth when you put your beginner birds up against a champion birds.
Width of head, spot size, depth of mask and size are all better than my world beaters but this is only my second season back in the hobby and as that old saying goes “learn to walk before you run”.
This years breeding season will show me whether l have learned anything for l will be using my own bred hens and selecting the cocks so if the birds produced are still going in the right direction then all will be good.
There are a number of faults with my birds so l thinking do l only concentrate on improving one fault or do l split my breeding pairs to rectify a second fault but as space is at a premium and l only have nine breeding cages.

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