Tom & Keith Leedham explaining how the placement of the birds was achieved
Left Keith Leedham centre Tom Leedham right Bruce Greenway

The Birmingham BS members show was held on Monday night the 12th of October although the birds entered was lower than the previous year a good night was had by all that attended. Judging the birds was  Tom and Keith Leedham, Tom wished to gain some experience on judging birds but Keith took the stewards role but was always on hand to give advice if needed.


From what l saw Tom acquitted himself very well and l do not think any of the members disagreed with his placement of the birds and best in show. The best in show belonged to James Johnston a very nice bird which stood out with a good width of head and excellent markings.


Owned by James Johnston

Best in Show at the Birmingham BS members show 2015

After the judging Keith gave a very informal talk on the judging decisions explaining the reasoning for the placing some details that l as a beginner sometimes miss. Keith went on to give a opinion on how his birds are kept and the importance of giving more than just seed to the modern budgerigar. The birds at his stud benefit from full flights developing the muscle required to fly from the floor to the perch.

On this occasion l did not enter any bird mainly due to working longer hours than normal and my routine was out of sink. I did come home with a few bird thanks to Bruce Greenway who happened to have a few split ino’s which will be useful to me in developing my lutino and albino lines.

Apologies for the quality of the photographs

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