This was the first time l have attended the BS club show at the Doncaster Dome on Saturday and Sunday. The birds had to be booked in by 9.00am Saturday so it was a early start for me the satnav said 1.5 hours but l gave myself plenty of time and was a good job l did as the speed restriction on the M1 had not been taken into account.

Arriving in plenty of time the birds were booked in l then went had a cup of coffee and played sudoku until it was time for the seminar talks. Chris Snell gave a insight into how started in the hobby then progressing into his birds diet and then the bird development. Having kept budgerigars since the age of 10 it was immediately obvious this guys knowledge was immense and a true gentleman.

After a short break this was followed by a talk by Geoff Tuplin assisted by Ronnie Simpson very informal but well presented the slides really showed how Geoff birdroom is spotless something l only hope to achieve in time. Geoff’s stud has been decimated with French moult with only 16 out of 200 chicks surviving. The honesty and clear to see that it has had real effect on this man. Geoff inserted some really good humour into the talk and anyone who knows Ronnie he is natural comedian. Ronnie put Geoff at ease and again the knowledge shown on how and what he wanted to achieve with his birds really came across. Width of head and shoulder of the birds of his today came be traced back to birds purchased from Jo Mannes a legend in the world of budgerigars.

I could go on but all l will say it was superb pair of talks from which l can see l have along way to go. It about meeting people l am reserved and prefer to stay in the background. At the seminar l met a gentleman from Wales Evan who like me has come back into the hobby. Over the 2 day we had numerous conversations and l hope we remain friends we are both very similar in our thinking and l hope we meet before next year event, this event is about meeting like minded people.

Sue came with me on Sunday had a brief walk round the hall and then preceded to go and have walk round Asda at least Sue has been to the event now and knows what l am talking about in the future. We do have alot in common but Sue likes her parrots but she does now appreciate what l am trying to achieve and develop.

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