It taking a little time for me to get up to speed with showing budgerigars, the other day l asked a question on the EBF forum regarding tail feathers if you are not a member of this forum then l suggest you join because there is abundance of knowledge available from people who are only to happy to help.

The penny has finally dropped regarding tail feathers for l have had to change a number of my show team due loosing a tail feather within a week of the show.  If it takes eight weeks for a new tail feather to grow then l will be removing one feather at ten weeks and the other one week later.

The only problem this has been my first breeding season and my young birds which l consider worth showing are all late bred so preparing so early was not a option. This being the first time l have entered the world show for me it’s about gaining experience and being better prepared for the 2016 show season.

Did l learn anything at the club show yes l certainly did, prepare my birds better by taking more time. This year l have not planned anything to do with showing very well. It’s my first year back in budgerigars so the priority has been to finish off my birdroom and flights.

Today Monday l have looked through the records of the birds taken to the show and the oldest bird was born in the 3rd week  in March and the youngest being born in April. So my birds where up against birds far more advanced birds so on the whole they did me proud no section winners but second, third, fourth and a fifth with two being unplaced. I have taken photo’s of some of the birds and l will compare there development later in the year.

For me l have to put the effort in to prepare my birds better and not just catch up birds a couple of days before a show, get better on the finer details. I have made mistakes this year but l have learned from them and the good practices will be now employed which l hope serve me well in the future.

Here are a few tips l have learned this year

  1. Separate you cocks and hens in your show team otherwise bloody head will appear.         It happened to my team.
  2. Any damaged tail feather remove in plenty of time before the show.
  3. De spot your bird a couple weeks before the show
  4. Spray your bird daily
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