While loading a few birds into the car to take to a Birmingham nest feather show earlier this year a few kids were just passing and  began asking question like

“What you got there mister”? “Oh l like that one, do you sell then” and from that people around me have started keeping budgerigars. The following Saturday sure enough the parents came and purchased one of my young greens. Next they had been to the local store and purchased another bird. Now l am being told they are building a aviary in the garden well that got to be good and lets hope the kids get into the hobby. Then on arriving home from work l had a conversation with another couple living in the street only to be told they have now built a aviary and have six birds. I showed them my set-up and gave him some of my old nest boxes which he could use for now.

He keen and is looking forward to breeding some birds lets hope it all goes to plan but in my experience the birds may have different idea’s and he may begin to know what frustration means.

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