Showing my birds is not the favourite part of the hobby and my show preparation needs work but overall l am in front of my five year plan. As mentioned in previous posts you can not rush your birds but l chose to put a few of my own bred birds into the show to see how l am progressing in my development of my stud.

It’s a steep learning curve and l took my birds to the show on Friday night but it appears that may be the wrong option for a number of champions always bring there birds on the day of the show so that the birds spend the minimal time away from the usual surroundings so l may have adapt my plans.

So how did l do ?   my birds did okay and did not look out of place in the beginners section but l am under no illusion there is still plenty of work to be done. I changed one of my show team, only to have the substitute wrong classed. It appears to be a young hen but l had entered the bird as a Albino cock well the bird is still rather young and the cere  had not turned brown.

There was other birds in the young flight which l am finding hard to identify there sex due there young age. A number of birds have those little rings around the air holes on the cere which l thought would be hens. Cocks normally have that pinkish cere when you which turns blue as the birds mature unless they are of the ino varieties.

Overhaul l was not to disappointed for my first show but it was surprising to see how some of my birds looked once back in there own familiar surroundings. The bench mark achieved has to be beaten and with a few weeks to the next show lets see if my birds develop further as l feel this show was a little early for my late bred birds.

Finishing 9th best beginner only serves to confirm there is work to be done and my intention is to continue with my plans and learn the hobby.


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