It was never my intention to show any birds this season as this is my first year back in the hobby. The breeding season started very slowly partly due to me not being up to speed with the birds failing to recognise some signs earlier enough resulting in me losing a few birds and having a poor hatch rate which has improved of late.

With my young birds being late bred and it only fair to say my birds are not fully develop but l have given the birds as much time as possible so wishing to support my local club l have enter five young birds.

I do not feel l am doing my birds justice but l have been honing my show prep skills and have achieve a skill level of 4 out of 10. My organisation has been poor but mainly due to event which l have no control over so we will see.

Unfortunately l have a few barheads that look very promising but are not ready to show and as anyone in this hobby knows things cannot be rushed.

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