Aviary Visit on Tuesday

As usual Bruce was perfect host on Tuesday night as members of the Warwickshire budgerigar society visited Bruce’s establishment. For those who did not attend you missed a good night, l had the opportunity to look at Bruce’s birds close up and the young pied CC winner was impressive, and it’s some eight months since my last visit there has been some minor changes to the inside of the birdroom but the main layout is unchanged.

There seem to be number of good coloured violets which definitely impressed but there was many other coloured varieties that l can only hope to breed in time. I understand that Bruce is very critical of any faults his birds may be carrying as he shows at champion level in the exhibition budgerigar world but to me the faults only seem minor but l am only a beginner.

It was interesting listening Alex and David Woan comment and as usual l came away with some useful tips, for anyone considering coming into the hobby if you live in the Warwickshire area come along to one of our club meetings and you receive a warm welcome but that is the norm with any club l have joined.



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