Local Bird Auction

I have heard a few people speak about a local bird auction so l thought l would go and check it out. To my surprise the room was full when the auction started. There was not many budgerigars but there was definitely a varied variety on other birds for sale as well as other animals, equipment and seed.

The auction is every Wednesday at the Grendon workings men club on the A5 Grendon is in Warwickshire prices are fair and you can definitely find yourself a bargain. The couple sitting close to me purchased two nice pairs of Love birds with half decent cages what more could you wish for.

You have to join the club which costs £ 2.00 but once you are a member your next visit will only cost £ 1.00 as for me it was a reconnaissance mission but l did buy 10 drinkers for £ 5.00, in the future l may take some of my surplus stock.


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