Breeding in this hot weather

I would have preferred to not be breeding at this time of year with the weather being so warm. Not being back in the hobby long needs be and l could do with a few more birds. My breeding was slow at the start but has lately improved.

Humidity is important for the eggs in the nest boxes and l prefer box inside box type nest box with vent holes in the top of the side walls. To control the humidity l spray the inside of the box with water and small amount of disinfectant a couple of squirts each evening after l come home from work. I also place a small piece of millet in the nestbox which is almost dry.

Any millet given to the birds is placed in a vanodine solution for 1 day then rinsed and dried, Sue has asked why and my answer its better to be safe than sorry. It was advice given to me by people who knew far more than me, it may be old fashioned but it simple cost effective precaution.

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