When to split up your pairing

After a number of years out the hobby the confidence is sometimes lacking and it seems to be a steep learning curve. Confidence will come l feel sure but for now l sometime tend to doubt my decision making the decision when and which birds to pair up seemed to be easy but l may be proved wrong when the offspring develop and have moulted out.  When to split up my pairs is a different matter, do l split the pairs once the fledglings have left the nestbox. It is something l find differcult to judge and always l judge each pair on there own merits.

If the pair are to be split up l tend to do it on Friday so l have the weekend to observe my birds. The hen is removed and place in the juniors flight for a couple of days and then returned to the main flight. If the cock continues to feed the youngsters happy days but when dealing with livestock nothing is written in stone and can be altered to get the best results.

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