As we all know the hen rules the roost and it appears my grey hen is very aggressive to any cock l have paired up. The first cock chosen is definitely fit but did not seem to be interested and always kept his distance, never feeding the hen and after 10 day l would have expected some sign of the pair bonding.

While continuing with the birdroom improvements l was able to observe the pair all day with no action l decided to change the cock. The new cock seemed to be very active and l put that down to being taken from the flight however l noticed the hen would not allow the cock to perch on the same perch and as the cock was past below the perch the hen would try to give him a good nip.

To his credit when she went into the nestbox he did try chatting to her through the entrance. I will be keeping a close eye on this pair to see if we have any progress in this pair bonding.

15 hours later and at least the are on the same perch.... let hope the are better days ahead.

Update.. Well the change seems to have worked today Sunday the cock has been feeding the hen and she does not seem as aggressive now we only need full eggs and l will be happy another plan comes together.

Smashed Eggs

Typical you overcome one problem and along comes the next challenge so now the hens in the nest box and laying eggs but someone is smashing the eggs. Two eggs smashed but on both day we had a very stormy night which could have upset the pair. l have prepared a mustard egg and will placing the egg in the nestbox sometime soon we should find out who is the culprit.

 The Mustard Egg Worked

First l placed a plastic egg in for whoever had been smashing the eggs to try and have a go smashing the plastic egg. A couple of days later l placed my mustard egg in the box sure enough someone had a go at the egg. It was not completely smashed but the culprit certainly tasted the contents.

We now have five eggs with the first three being fertile so all is well at the moment everything has settled down and we just have to wait for the eggs to hatch.

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