It is nice to go and visit another persons aviary and today l went to Terry's Aviary I have not known Terry long but he is easy guy to speak to and we seem to hit it off straight away.

Terry has come back into the hobby like myself, but his birds are more advanced in size and quality they are what l would like to be breeding within the next 2 years.

Terry has great number of greens and some super birds and a few nice blues that would not be out of place in a champions stud.

Although l have some promising youngster coming through and that is only my opinion l have my work cut out to catch up with Terry.

That is what this hobby is about improving your birds each year, this year has not been easy for me and l have made some mistakes but l have recognised my errors and it will put me in good stead for the future.

Sorry there is no photo's l forgot to take any.


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