Sue has name my young albino hen who has only been in the main flight for a couple of weeks the Pink Lady. I had noticed the once white hen has some lovely pink markings.

It seems one of her favourite pastime is that once she has eaten her share of minerals from the mineral bowl she the decides to have a dusty bath in the mineral.  Despite this the hen is developing nicely and should be a lovely addition to my stud.

Suppose she only doing what the birds do in the wild, l am not sure now whether l treated her with ivermectin before putting her in the main flight, she will be treated again later in the year l will be adding some diatomaceous earth to the mineral as a intermediate treatment.


Guess it time to break up the parents of this hen, although the mum has laid a another egg 3 days  ago (13th) no more eggs  and the egg felt cold. So l have transferred the egg and will give the parents another week in the cage with no nestbox to recover ready for going back into the main flight according to what l have read on the internet it's the cock that has put the weight back on.

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