The April meeting of the Birmingham Budgerigar Society had a special guest speaker namely Bev Hutt attending our Monday evening meeting. For me this was the first time l had heard Bev speak and l was also fortunately to have a little chat before the meeting began.
It was very apparent from the beginning Bev has a real enthusiasm for the hobby another member John joined our table who has been in the hobby for 60 years, but as with all the people l have been fortunate to meet since starting back into the hobby as beginner there was no belittling my lack of years in the hobby just good advice.
Bev lives in Cambridgeshire so had travelled a considering distance and despite having a sore throat the talk given on show preparation was interesting and was very forthcoming with a number of useful tips. Bev reiterated on a number occasions this was her way to prepare birds and it’s not the only way.
Training budgerigars for shows starts from when the bird is big enough to be handled in the nestbox. Keeping your show team together when arriving home after the show makes sense something which l may have overlooked along with the practical tips makes the evening well worth the effort of attending.

The evening finished with a question and answer session and as with all advice given does it need to be implemented in your own stud.

My thoughts

It is important to have a routine which suits both yourself and more importantly your birds for myself l have to go to work so my birds get my attention during the evening and weekends. 

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