The birdroom is still not finished and sometime resembles a building site. The original lighting was removed and a 4 ft fluorescent fitting was added but l was never happy with the lighting.

After reading a article on the EBF forum l checked out this link  and sure enough my lighting problem was solved.

I purchased a couple of 6 watt LED recessed ceiling lights and what a difference, easy to install the daylight units have transformed the birdroom.

Fitting of the new light involved cutting a 130mm x 130mm square in the ceiling board the lamps are held in place by a 2 spring assemblies which require assembly to the fittings.

The lamp unit plugs into a adapter which is simple and just pushers together and then twists to lock both units together , this adapter steps down the mains power.

Now l have really good lights with the added bonus of saving energy.

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