When l first started with budgerigars it was in the late 90's and at that time l lived and worked in Nottingham. 

 It was a great experience breeding budgerigars, and it was certainly challenging at times. Some memories will always remain with me, and what l am about to describe is special to me.

When l had finally finished the outside flight and cut through the birdroom wall to the inner flight. It was a sunny day and l sat on a lounger on the patio  waiting for my birds to make a appearance. Typical not one bird appreciated my efforts, and was soon time for me to get ready for a night shift.

With the night shift finished it was time for a nice cup of tea and a slice of toast sitting on the patio l remember it was one of those lovely summer mornings . 

The seen is set and l was disappointed still no birds were using my outdoor flight, when all of sudden one bird appeared then the second and so until the swing and perches had plenty of birds for me to watch. They appeared to be taking of the off the platform in formation for me it was a great sight to see the birds using the outdoor flight for the first time.

It's a memory for that will stay with me l just happened to be in the right place.

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