Nobody told me

After building my 12 'x 8' birdroom and inner flights then came the birds and finally the outdoor flight was finished. Being new to the hobby l spent alot of time in the birdroom watching the birds trying understand and learning about budgerigars.

It was about a week later  l was talking to my uncle when he asked me " What type of night light are you using", with a vacant look and the reply what night light. He then went on to explain why you should have one. 

Within 10 minutes of arriving home a temporary night light was rigged up. For the first week my birds sat in dark with only the natural light coming through the window.

I was new to the hobby and had never heard of a night light. 

To end this story l did not lose any birds through not knowing about a night light and l can laugh about it now.

 seen a perch

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